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Luxury Dog Homes EP.36

On the newest episode of the Luxe Lounge podcast we welcome back Patrick and Edward who bring with them owners of, Lawrence and Giselle Martinez to discuss their business designing and building luxury dog houses.

Mini Homes? No... Luxury Dog Homes!

Beyond the standard wooden crate in your background to give a beautiful design to your fur babies! This interview was between Chris Aird and the co-owners of Luxury Dog Homes, Giselle and Lawrence Martinez to gain insight into their past work experience and what led them to an entrepreneurial journey!

Check Us Out!


"Luxury Dog Homes designs and builds custom, luxury spaces for your furry family members. Providing comfort, shelter and quality to your pet's lifestyle while bringing peace of mind to you. The family-owned and operated company offers amenities such as air-conditioned space, security cameras, soothing music, Wi-Fi, food dispensers, complete interior design, and more within the luxury pet palaces. $300 from each home is donated to a local animal rescue." (BeLocal Magazine pg.33)

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