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Providing comfort, shelter and quality to your pet’s lifestyle while bringing peace of mind to you.

What we do

We are a family owned and operated business based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.  We design and build the most luxurious, safe & comfortable pet palaces for your canine king, queen and pups.


Creative uses for your dog home

  • A safe, calming & peaceful retreat for dogs with anxiety or behavior issues while your away

  • Professional breeders or foster parents

  • Security cameras allow you to keep an eye on them & talk to them from your phone, which brings you peace of mind

  • Alternative to crating

  • Useful for destructive or untrained dogs or puppies that you don't want to leave in your home alone

  • Kids and other members of the family can also enjoy

  • Enhances your landscape                 

  • Possible Increased value of your property             

  • An easy way to confine your dogs to an area of your yard (fencing around the dog home also provides them with an outdoor and indoor space)

  • Separate space for dogs to exercise and bathe

  • Outdoor only dogs

  • Multiple use of space (Can be used as an office, gym playhouse, SHE Shed etc.)

  • Great conversation piece! 

While we love our dogs, we don't discriminate from other pets. We also build homes for 

Cats to have a place to climb, jump and scratch.

Check out our list of luxury amenities to create your custom masterpiece.

No project is too big or too small.

Call us for your free consultation and let's get building! Woof!


Lending available at:

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Dark Wood Panels

Cell. 480-580-0236


Dark Wood Panels
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